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Welcome to Tamarack - a charity that develops and supports learning communities that help people to collaborate, co-generate knowledge and achieve collective impact on complex community issues. Our vision is to build a connected force for community change. Join us as we discover how communities can act together for positive change!

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Deepening Community - Edmonton, Alberta - June 7-9, 2016


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Deepening Community - Edmonton, Alberta - June 7-9, 2016

Collaborative Leadership

Tamarack CCI (Communities Collaborating for Impact) is a Learning Community for collaborative leaders utilizing a multi-sector approach to solve complex challenges.

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Vibrant Communities Canada is a Learning Community for cities with comprehensive poverty reduction strategies led by multi-sector roundtables.

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Deepening Community

Deepening Community is a Learning Community to recapture the idea of community and make it a guiding force in organizing our neighbourhoods and institutions; and, for envisioning policies that foster wellbeing.

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Learn more about the book - Deepening Community: Finding Joy Together in Chaotic Times
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