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Although the 2008 Retreat has concluded, please feel free to browse this web section.

• Explore your leadership • Develop high impact collaboration techniques
• Rejuvenate • Accelerate change in your community

Leading Together...Why it's Important

Our traditional models of leadership do not serve us well, especially in our increasingly diverse and complex society. Our default position is often to simply avoid making a conscious decision. We choose to focus on a solution rather than a process that brings us to a solution.

We can make conscious, inclusive decisions on a community issue.

The pervasive concept of leadership is that of the heroic leader – they have a vision, they assert it, they persuade us and they gain followers. Collaborative leadership turns that concept upside down - if we bring good people together in constructive ways, we will be able to push forward.

We also need to remember that how we decide is as important as what we decide.  The quality of engagement reflects the quality of our decisions and, ultimately, the quality of our outcomes.

Together, we are building a learning community on collaborative leadership.

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What to Expect

Collaborative Leadership will inform and transform your perception of self as leader. Together, we will consider:

Working collaboratively

  • When and how to engage others within an organization, with other sectors and with the community
  • Working with diverse stakeholders
  • Designing and facilitating collaborative interventions

Conceptions of leadership

  • Expanding our conceptions of leadership
  • Understanding our personal lens on leadership
  • Images of collaborative leadership and their associated competencies
  • Developing collaborative leadership skills

How to grow and sustain yourself as a collaborative leader

  • The connection between passion and drive
  • The burden of leadership
  • Ways to rejuvenate

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David Chrislip and the Tamarack Team

The inaugural Collaborative Leadership Retreat featured a leading expert on collaborative leadership, David Chrislip.

For nearly 30 years, David has worked with communities and organizations, and has conducted leadership development programs for thousands of students, managers and community leaders.

Paul Born and Louise Kearney of Tamarack joined David to lead the learning community. Their work in community collaboration and renewal has been recognized and awarded internationally, nationally and provincially.

To learn more about David Chrislip and the Tamarack team, click here.

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A Leadership Retreat

Collaborative Leadership is designed to build and solidify a community of practice.

In addition to the Retreat's curriculum, participants have the opportunity to take advantage of Urban Retreat activities, such as daily yoga, local jazz, exquisite cuisine and a conversation café.

For more information about the Retreat program, click here.

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