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  Tamarack's Theory of Change  

Learning Communities for Social Change

Tamarack wants to test (as a social innovation) the power of the Learning Communities approach as a model for social change:

  • Model and Process: Can the model by captured? Is this the most efficient way to impact social change?
  • Impact: Does Tamarack’s Learning Communities Model produce greater outcomes with fewer inputs? What evidence and results demonstrate this? What impacts are demonstrated?
  • Sustainability: Can the Learning Communities operate efficiently? Can they become a source of self-generating revenues?
  • Expandable: Can we grow the number of Learning Communities we support over time? How might the scope of Tamarack’s Learning Communities expand?

Why develop Learning Communities?

Tamarack is investing in developing Learning Communities because…

  • We feel it is the best way to advance Tamarack’s strategic priorities
  • The ultimate impact of our Learning Communities – To build a better world
  • We recognize the value of ‘community’ – sharing and connecting
  • We believe it will accelerate social change through the collective sharing of results, impacts, processes
  • They provide essential infrastructure to invite conversations, encourage reflection and distill wisdom: a process we call co-generative knowledge
  • Learning Communities honour and support different learning styles
  • They empower change-makers by providing them with tools, guidance, coaching, resources

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