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  Tamarack’s Learning Communities Thought-Leader Program  

Tamarack's Thought-Leader Program is an innovative partnership with a select group of individuals who are leaders within their fields. These individuals have agreed to share their ideas, wisdom and experience to enrich the learning experience for the members of Tamarack's Learning Communities and also provide input into the strategy and evolution of Tamarack overall. Learn more:

Why a Though-Leader Program at Tamarack?

The intent of Tamarack's Thought-Leader Program is to establish a Council of Advisors to support the development and growth of each of Tamarack`s three Learning Communities:

  • Tamarack CCI is Canada's top network for collaborative change leaders who are championing positive change on a range of complex community issues.
Tamarack CCI
  • Vibrant Communities Canada provides a place for people engaged in poverty reduction to engage, innovate and collaborate with cities working to reduce poverty across Canada.
Vibrant Communities Canada
  • Seeking Community brings together individuals with diverse experiences to advance an understanding of community and its impact as a driving force for social change.
Seeking Community

The goals of our Thought-Leader Program are to:

  • Enhance the learner experience by incorporating the Thought Leaders’ knowledge and perspective
  • Co-generate knowledge in order to scale up the effectiveness of members while enhancing the collective impact of community change efforts overall; and,
  • Build a network for social change to realize Tamarack’s vision: to create vibrant communities by engaging Tamarack Learning Community members to become a connected force for social change.

Tamarack's core staff team is small. Tamarack's Thought-Leader Strategy intentionally cultivates and engages an extended leadership network to act as an Advisory Council and peer learning team for Tamarack staff as we:

  • Test our hypothesis that Learning Communities are a powerful vehicle for accelerating social change;
  • Refine the strategy of Tamarack’s Learning Communities: challenging us to stay honest, focused and fresh;
  • Support the campaigns of each Learning Community to ensure that they reach their intended objectives; and,
  • Create an experience of community and collaboration for Tamarack staff, enabling us to "walk our own talk."

We anticipate that the development and implementation of the Thought-Leader Strategy will evolve over time as we and our Thought-Leaders learn together and respond to feedback from learning community members.

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The Thought-Leader Role

Thought Leaders offer a valuable perspective to the Learning Community through the following four roles:

  • Advisor - Offer leadership to the Learning Community
  • Contributor - Provide articles, blogs, knowledge to the learning community
  • Teacher - Teach online and at face-to-face events
  • Promoter - Promote the Learning Community and Tamarack

In this leadership capacity, Thought Leaders help to provide our Learning Community members with the following benefits:

  • Credible Thought-Leaders - Regular access and engagement with recognized leaders in the field keeps members informed. They are also encouraged to provide input to the latest ideas and insights.
  • Current Content and Resources - Members can access reports, resources and tools to build their capacity to effectively implement their work.
  • Regular Learning Opportunities - Members will be among the first to hear about upcoming face-to-face and online learning events relevant to their work and can also access special incentives to support their participation.
  • A Network of Peers - Members of Tamarack learning communities establish a broader network of peers - pioneering leaders - who act as mentors to each other and provide each other with mutual support.
  • Broader Movement for Change - The learning community facilitates the co-generation of knowledge, accelerating the impact of the field as a whole. Learning community members are part of a broader movement that builds a supportive external environment and acts as a source of validation for their individual work.

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