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  Who are Tamarack’s Learning Communities?  

On this page you will find an outline of the essence of Tamarack's Learning Communities.

Who are the People in Tamarack's Learning Communities?

Tamarack's Learning Communities are made up of:
  • Individuals doing similar work across communities
  • Individuals from different sectors with have different perspectives
  • A full continuum of learners – those that are new and those that are seasoned experts
  • Learners working at different scales: neighbourhood, community, province, region and nation
  • Learners needing varied levels of knowledge – conceptual, practical, detailed
  • Individuals with different levels of commitment or focus related to the topic of social change
  • Individuals are all action oriented – have a community action perspective
  • 12,000 people are registered in Tamarack's contact database
  • The 2,000 people who have attended a face-to-face session sponsored by Tamarack
  • 750,000 have downloaded documents from the current website
  • 100,000 people access our resources annually and create 5 million page views
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What are the Goals of the Learning Communities?

  • Serve our current members
  • Invite in more people with similar goals - grow the network
  • Engage and link members with similar questions together
  • Co-generate/share knowledge
  • To embody and or model a culture of reciprocity: where members are encouraged to take what they need and offer what they can
  • To convene learning opportunities and inspire knowledge generation
  • Encourage and support members to deepen and expand their involvement with the Learning Community
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What are the Unique Elements of Tamarack Learning Communities?

  • Multi-sector, multi-voices, multi-perspectives
  • Co-generation of knowledge (are we here yet or do we have a way to go)
  • Focus on community possibilities not exclusively current realities. How can new voices and different ways of working together generate new approaches for tackling complex problems like poverty?
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What is Tamarack's Evolving Vision for Engaging with Learners?

Evolving Tamarack's Learning Communities

Engaging the Learning Community: From Community Lurkers to Active Learners

Tamarack Learning Community Engagement Strategy

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How Do We Define an Active Learner?

  • Attends learning events including:
      • Attends face-to-face Learning Events
      • Participates in online learning sessions
      • Joins a Community of Practice (VC, evaluation, living wage, etc.)

  • Is a learning volunteer
      • Pod leader at CCI
      • Community conversation leader
      • Volunteer/staff member of VC community roundtable
      • Peer-learning coach
      • Initiates on-line learning groups
      • Responds to learning and evaluation surveys
      • Engages with Learning Community Animators
  • Contributes to community learning and experiences
      • Belongs to at least one on-line learning community
      • Posts blogs (1 x per month)
      • Comments on other blogs
      • Posts resources
      • Workshop presenter
  • Is recognized for contributions
      • Follows others and is followed
      • Comments on others blogs
      • Has comments on own blogs
      • Has received certification of participation
  • Is a member with longevity
      • Pays a membership fee
      • Is involved in multiple ways
      • Is an active member for more than one year
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What Are Our Aspirations for Learning Community Members and Membership

  • Membership is fun and accessible
  • Members are fully engaged individuals
  • Members believe in learning and contributing to the learning of others
  • Members feel connected to other members
  • Members enrich the membership experience by being actively involved in the Learning Community
  • Members are part of a community change footprint
  • Members demonstrate their learning by: are Learning/Learners
  • Having and bringing questions
  • Model a spirit of inquiry
  • Contribute their experience and resources
  • Actively engage with the content and or other members of the Learning Community
  • Actively help to expand and deepen connections between learners

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