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  Upcoming Events - Tamarack Institute and Vibrant Communities Canada  

Coming together with others as part of an intentional learning community provides invaluable opportunities to build new relationships, share knowledge, gain new insights to advance our collective work and ultimately energize and inspire one another. 

This page offers a listing of upcoming learning opportunities that you may want to be part of:

Upcoming Learning Events

These face-to-face events offer you the opportunity to join with colleagues and peers who are actively working in their communities. 

Community Engagement - Technologies for ChangeCommunity Engagement - Technologies for Change
Date: May 28, 2015
Location: Red Deer, AB

To make real and lasting change we need to engage the community - to deeply listen to their stories, to ask for ideas, to leverage the passion and commitment of citizens, and empower the community to lead. It is essential that we stop asking for input and realize that the most successful work in community is driven by the community. This workshop will examine Community Engagement theory and practice and highlight the multitude of ways that technology can be used to enhance your community engagement efforts. Dive deeper into cutting edge methodologies and technologies that enable the brainstorming of ideas, voting, surveying, and community decision making, and challenge yourself to go deeper in your community engagement efforts. This workshop is for people who have a deep interest in Community Engagement, are curious about technology, and want to expand their understanding and improve their engagement practices.

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Neighbours: Policies & Programs 2015Neighbours: Policies and Programs 2015

Date: June 8-10, 2015
Location: Hamilton, ON

Dynamic neighbourhoods are the foundation of strong cities and municipalities. Engaged citizens and residents are essential in creating strong neighbourhoods. Community-based organizations play an important, catalytic role in making positive community change possible. Join us in Hamilton from June 8th - 10th, 2015 as we think and act together and advance the discipline of neighbourhood-building that is at the centre of this desired shift in our collective thinking.

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Collective Impact Summitt 2015Collective Impact Summit
Date: September 28 - October 2, 2015
Location: Vancouver, BC

The Collective Impact Summit is an exclusive learning experience that will bring you the most current thinking and resources from the emerging field of Collective Impact. It is an opportunity to be part of a dynamic group of practitioners who are discovering new ways to lead, engage, and transform communities by tackling our most complex issues. Join us in spectacular Vancouver, Canada on Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2015 for an exclusive opportunity accelerate your effectiveness at leading and implementing a Collective Impact approach. Be inspired by internationally renowned Thought Leaders, learn from your peers, experience innovation from around the world, and be re-energized in your work. Collective Impact gives us the tools to do more by doing differently. It offers a proven path forward for advancing large-scale social change.

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Upcoming Webinars

Tamarack and Vibrant Communities offer free tele-learning seminars that are brought to you live via telephone conference line. Dial-in information will be emailed to you shortly after you register for an upcoming call. After the seminar, we will send you a post email with a links and further resources for learning. Note: While there is no fee associated with your participation, the tele-bridge service we use is based in the U.S., so long distance charges through your long distance service provider may apply.

Title: The Why and How of Working with Communities through Collective Impact
Speakers: Lisa Attygalle, Tynesia Boyea-Robinson, Jeff Raderstrong
Location: via webinar
Date: Thursday, June 18, 2015 - 12pm - 1pm , EDT

The recent surge of interest and resources around collective impact principles has highlighted an important concern and challenge for many practitioners: Where does the community fit in? Living Cities responded to this question by researching the best tools to integrate the community's voice into collective impact initiatives. Join Tynesia and Jeff from Living Cities, on this Tamarack Institute webinar to hear findings from their research. This webinar will cover important capacities to invest in when working with community members, as well as provide tangible examples of community engagement from Living Cities' experience working with collective impact initiatives in 70 US cities. This webinar complements Living Cities' free e-course on the topic, which has had over 2,600 registrants to date.

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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are small, interactive groups of practitioners who meet by telephone and online to learn and share their experiences. The calls focus mainly on poverty reduction, but are open and relevant to anyone working with multi-sector, comprehensive and community-based approaches to social issues.

Each Community of Practice usually meets every two months at a regular time via conference call and topics are determined by the members. We expect members will commit to participating regularly, to freely sharing their experience and occasionally leading a call.

To register for a specific Community of Practice, please click the appropriate link to email the coordinator of the group. You will then receive notices of future calls for that group with background and dial-in information.

Here is a listing of our current communities of practice:

Alberta Poverty Reduction Community of Practice - a group of leaders who are working on poverty reduction in the Province of Alberta.  This group meets quarterly by conference call.  If you are working on poverty reduction efforts and are in Alberta please do register for this community of practice here

Bridges/Circles Special Interest Group - a group of key leaders who are involved in or in the process of bringing the Bridges Out of Poverty framework and the Circles program to their communities as a vehicle for the reduction of poverty.  This is a community of practice that will be convened for a short time. If you are interested in joining register here

Canada Learning Bond Community of Practice - jointly convened by Human Resources Development Canada (www.canlearnpro.ca) and Vibrant Communities Canada.  This group is for those key champions in communities who are promoting the Canada Learning Bond to low-income families.  Meetings occur quarterly by conference call. Register for this group here

Cities Reducing Poverty Convener Community of Practice - for key staff and volunteers who are leading a multi-sector collaborative approach to poverty reduction in their Canadian community.  This group meets by conference call every month. Register for this community of practice here.

NEW! Canadian Collective Impact Practitioner Community of Practice - for practitioners who are using the collective impact approach to achieve large-scale systems change in Canada. This is Tamarack’s newest CoP and the first convening call will take place in spring 2014. Register for the Collective Impact community of practice here.

Evaluation Community of Practice - for evaluation practitioners who want to connect, share, and learn about evaluation approaches and tools. Group members meet on a bi-monthly basis via conference call to learn from a guest speaker. Register for the Evaluation community of practice here.

Living Wage Community of Practice - for those key staff or volunteers who are actively involved in a living wage campaign in their community or are in the early stages of considering or implementing the living wage in their Canadian community. This group meets by conference call five times per year. Register for this community of practice here. Find out more about the Living Wage in Canada at www.livingwagecanada.ca

Neighbourliness Community of Practice - a group of peers committed to sharing and learning from one another to enhance our practice of strengthening neigbourhoods. This community of practice emerged from the Neighbours: Policies and Programs gathering that took place in June, 2013. This group meets by conference call once a month. Register for this community of practice here.

Small/Rural Community of Practice - for key staff and volunteers who are working at poverty reduction, collaboration or community engagement in a small or rural community in Canada.  This group meets by conference call approximately 5 times per year. Register for this group here.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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