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  Cities Reducing Poverty
  Cities Reducing Poverty

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About Cities Reducing Poverty

A city's true greatness is measured not only by the height of its skyscrapers, the depth of its culture, and the reach of its business and manufacturing sectors. It is also measured by how its people care and work together to support those in need.

Cities Reducing Poverty is composed of stories and a unique analysis that together show in detail how collaborative groups in six Canadian cities are reducing poverty. These groups are achieving remarkable results because they're using creative, comprehensive approaches based on real, on-the-ground knowledge of - and experience of - the complex nature of poverty.

This book is dedicated to helping the growing number of local organizations and people across Canada that are determined to end poverty in their community and are serious about tackling it comprehensively.

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Download the Table of Contents and Introduction to get a better understanding of the ideas and topics explored in Cities Reducing Poverty - How Vibrant Communities are Creating Comprehensive Solutions to the Most Complex Problem of our Times.

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About the Editor: Mark Cabaj

Mark Cabaj, Tamarack & Vibrant Communities Associate - Mark is an Associate of Tamarack and Vibrant Communities and the President of the company From Here to There.
Mark Cabaj
Mark's current focus is on developing practical ways to assist groups understand, plan and evaluate policies, programs and initiatives that address complex issues. This includes challenges such as neighborhood renewal, poverty and homelessness, community safety, educational achievement and health. He is particularly focused on expanding the ideas and practice of developmental evaluation, a new approach to evaluation which emphasizes learning and design thinking in emerging and sometimes fast-moving environments.

Mark brings experience from a variety of sectors. In the 1990's, he served as the Foreign Assistance Coordinator for Grants in Poland's Ministry of Privatization, was the Mission Coordinator for the United Nations Development Program's first regional economic development initiative in Eastern Europe, and worked with International Privatization Group-Price Waterhouse. In Canada, he was the Coordinator of the Waterloo Region's Opportunities 2000 project - an initiative that won provincial, national and international awards for its multisectoral approach to poverty reduction - and served briefly as the Executive Director of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet). From 2002-2010, he was the Executive Director of Vibrant Communities Canada and a Director at Tamarack.

Mark lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife Leann and their children Isaiah and Zoë.

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