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  Community Engagement

We think community engagement means people working collaboratively, through inspired action and learning, to create and realize bold visions for their common future.

Tamarack has some experience helping people to collaboratively build communities that are caring, prosperous and healthy. (Learn more about how we work at community engagement by exploring our Vibrant Communities section.)

But we wanted to know more about community engagement, so we began a research journey.

Our research helped us to see that as community engagement increases, citizens move from being passive to taking active leadership roles, as can be seen in the continuum below. As leaders, citizens can have a powerful influence and effect on the life of their communities.

Community Engagement Model - Levels of Engagement

Click on the image above to enlarge.

This section presents what we've found thus far and we invite you to come on our journey with us to help us determine:

  • How do other people define community engagement? What does the existing literature say?
  • How are people using community engagement to improve their communities? What are some examples of community engagement at work?
  • Are there models and processes that can help us to better understand community engagement?
  • How does community engagement live out in different fields such as health or environmental restoration?

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Join Us On The Journey

This work represents a starting point, the “what we’ve learned so far” about community engagement. It provides a brief explanation of our approach to community engagement and the resources we’ve found that illustrate ways of creating empowered communities.

This research has helped us inform our current definition of community engagement and realize our place in the broad context of community development work. Our work on community engagement however, has only just begun. We will continue to collect information and our understanding and use of community engagement will evolve.

We hope that it provides you with new insight and ways of thinking about community engagement. Perhaps it will even inspire you to conduct your own community engagement strategies.

Please contact us if you have any sources, examples, and ideas that you think we’ve missed so that we can learn and grow together.

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People engaging in conversation

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People engaging in conversation