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Children have the ability to use their imaginations to think “outside the box” in ways that adults often can’t. Sometimes the persistence and dreams of children come true and they are able to make a significant impact in their community. Here are some examples of the little and big ideas children had and how their projects connected them to the broader community.

Real Leaders - This profile from the Caledon Institute of Social Policy shines the spotlight on three young people who founded vastly different initiatives and demonstrated that a powerful vision can go a long way.

  • Simon Jackson is a 19-year-old who has dedicated himself to the preservation of the spirit bear, a species living on the West Coast that is threatened with extinction. For more on Simon Jackson, check out the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition website.
  • Ryan Hreljac is a ten year old who raises money to build wells in Africa so that communities can access safe drinking water. For more on Ryan’s Well, visit Ryan’s site.
  • Rahul Raj is encouraging university students to help tackle poverty. Raj founded a Meal Exchange, which uses points donated by students from their meal cards to buy food for local food banks. For more on Meal Exchange, click here.

Peace Corps – Make a Difference - Children from the U.S. describe some of their activities that help people and contribute to their communities.

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