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Collective Impact: Innovation in Collaboration
[By: Liz Weaver]
There is increasing interest in the design and execution of Collective Impact collaborations due to the success these collaborations have achieved in addressing a range of complex social issues including: educational attainment; poverty reduction; lowering obesity rates in kids and communities; and, environmental restoration. The five conditions of collective impact, on the surface, seem both intuitive and appropriate. It's their execution that often has us spinning. As John Kania recently noted, "collective impact is not counter-intuitive but it is counter-cultural." and therefore, as my colleague and fellow blogger Jay Connor so effectively says, it requires us to working differently.
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Mapping Social Good in Sarnia-Lambton Ontario
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Mapping Social Good in Communities around the World
[By: Renjie Butalid]
Mapping and list making are inherent human activities that are driven by a desire to understand our place in our respective communities; find a shared sense of belonging; and, help us to visualize the complexity of relationships that exist within in our community. Socialsca.pe is an online mapping and discovery platform that provides effective online digital tools to map all the social good happening in our communities.
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Learning Together: The Value of Communities of Practice
[By: Kirsti Piirtoniemi]
At Tamarack, we believe in the power of community as a force for social change. And, in our experience, a great way for community leaders to deepen their connection with others and expand their knowledge is through communities of practice (CoPs). We currently facilitate eight of these groups and are excited to announce the launch of our latest: community of practice: Canadian Collective Impact Practitioners which will convene in February 2014.
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Looking Inward to Fuel Social Innovation
[By: Sylvia Cheuy]
In Social Innovation from the Inside Out, Warren Nilsson and Tana Paddock share their insights gleaned from more than a decade spent exploring this primary question: "How do social-purpose organizations maintain an adaptive, generative orientation - the kind of orientation that will allow them to grapple consistently and creatively with the complex social reality that they face?” Ultimately, they concluded that, "an organization`s ability to look inward might be even more important as source of social innovation capacity” than its ability to create and sustain cross-sector networks or connect with communities in diverse ways."
Discover the practice of inscaping...
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Updates from Tamarack's Learning Communities
In this issue:
Franco Savoia highlights the importance of bold questions in creating a desirable world
Amy Zoethout profiles the Orton Family Foundation's highly effective Heart and Soul method of community planning.
Katharine Weinmann summarizes Otto Scharmer's latest book, which explores his belief that “form follows consciousness”
Kirsti Piirtoniemi shares the latest resource of the Building Movement Project which profile two case studies which illustrate how the breaking down of silos, “is crucial to building and sustaining the social safety net for those in need.”
Joe Schaeffer identifies acknowledgment as an important quality needed to live community.
Jim Clemmer reflects on the challenge of mobilizing and energizing others and identifies appreciation, recognition, thanks, and celebration that a key factor is making this a reality.
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Tamarack Events
January 16th, 2014 - Tele-Learning Seminar: The Transformative Power of Community Narratives with Dr. Chene Swart
February 18th, 2014 - Collective Impact and Community Change with Liz Weaver, Hamilton, ON
February 20th, 2014 - Tele-Learning Seminar: The Leadership Contract with Vince Molinaro
April 1-3, 2014 - Champions for Change: Leading a Backbone Organization for Collective Impact with Paul Born, Liz Weaver, John Kania and Fay Hanleybrown in Vancouver B.C.
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